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with Yvette Rowland, Robin Reid, Jason Marriner, Leslie Grantham, Lysette Anthony, Danniella Westbrook, Cathy Tyson, Chris Ellison, Jeff Stewart, Holly Gibbs, Robert Pereno, Dave Courtney, Lucinda Rhodes Flaherty, Robin Kermode, Susie Ann Watkins, Jon Campling, Phil Herbert, Lucy Drive, Michael Fenton Stevens, Cass Pennant, Jess Conrad OBE, Charles Bronson.

Directed by Liam Galvin. Produced by Yvette Rowland. A Gangster Videos Production.

IMDb Mob Handed

Copyright © 2017 Gangster Videos

'I'm the Executioner. I won't rest until I've killed every sick motherfuckin one of them'

'This is my law. A Mother's Law. Every child should be protected. Every child should live free from harm. And anyone who kills a child forfeits their rights to life'

What would you do if your daughter was murdered?

Would you go to the Police?

If there was no-one there to help you . . .

Or would you take the law into your own hands and hunt the sick fuck down and kill him?

If it was your child. What would you do?....

‘I made one mistake - I'll never forgive myself’

And you had to watch her die?

Lock your doors - Keep your Children Safe.

Nominated as Best Independent Film at The National Film awards 2017