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with Yvette Rowland, Robin Reid, Jason Marriner, Leslie Grantham, Lysette Anthony, Danniella Westbrook, Cathy Tyson, Chris Ellison, Jeff Stewart, Holly Gibbs, Robert Pereno, Dave Courtney, Lucinda Rhodes Flaherty, Robin Kermode, Susie Ann Watkins, Jon Campling, Phil Herbert, Lucy Drive, Michael Fenton Stevens, Cass Pennant, Jess Conrad OBE, Charles Bronson.

Directed by Liam Galvin. Produced by Yvette Rowland. A Gangster Videos Production.

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Cathy Tyson

Robin Reid is the former WBC Super Middleweight World Boxing Champion & former Olympic Bronze medalist known as 'The Grim Reaper'. He took over the lead from Alex Reid in the controversial film 'Killer Bitch'

'I am the fuckin law - appointed by the Mob - I'm their Judge & Executioner'

'I watched him abuse my daugher - then he cut her throat. She didn't die straight away and she tried to speak to me but no words came from her mouth'

Yvette Rowland is an Actress & Producer who played the leading role in the controversial film ‘Killer Bitch’. She has appeared in numerous TV series including ‘Distant Shores’ & ‘Byker Grove’ and is producer for Gangster Videos with 23 UK and 8 USA releases - the latest being ‘Tyson Unleashed’ featuring boxing legend Mike Tyson.

'Ever wondered why the Government wants sex education for fuckin' 4 year olds because they're grooming their next set of victims. If you want to find a nonce take a look at Westminster...'

Jason Marriner is an infamous Football Hooligan who was part of the Chelsea Headhunters. He was the subject of a BBC Documentary with Donal MacIntyre that resulted in him being imprisoned.

Jeff Stewart is a household name having appeared in the ITV Drama 'The Bill' for 24 years. He recently won the Best Actor Award at the Manhattan Film Festival for his role in 'Under Jakob's Ladder'

‘Vigilantes. Child Killers. Your Daughter has to go to school tomorrow. How is she going to feel?'

Leslie Grantham is one of Britain’s finest actors best known as ‘Dirty’ Den Watts in ‘Eastenders’ with one episode in 1986 pulling in a record 30 million viewers. He has also appeared in numerous TV series & films including: ‘The Paradise Club’, ‘Fort Boyard’, ‘The Detectives’ & ‘Charlie’.

'I have to warn you if you are holding back information it will go against you'

Cathy Tyson is a Golden Globe & BAFTA nominated actress best known for her role in the film ‘Mona Lisa’ with Bob Hoskins. Other films & TV include ‘The Serpent & The Rainbow’, ‘Emmerdale’ & ‘Band of Gold’ where she appeared in every series. She is also an accomplished stage actress & has appeared with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

‘The headquarters of a Vigilante Gang was raided last night and evidence was removed that links them to the crime’

Danniella Westbrook is well known for her role as Samantha Mitchell in ‘Eastenders’. She has also appeared in ‘Frank Stubbs Promotes’, ‘Hollyoaks’, ‘I’m a Celebrity..Get me out of Here!’, ‘Dancing on Ice’ & numerous other TV shows. Recently Danniella released her 2nd autobiography ‘Faith, Hope & Clarity’.

Marc Zammit & Jamie McLeod-Ross are two up and coming actors who have appeared in 'Rise of the Footsoldier'. They are currently working on their own film 'First To Thirty'.

'He made us have oral sex with each other while all the teachers watched'

‘I’m going to put a bullet through your sick fuckin brain so you can drown in your own fuckin blood’

‘Never Forgive - Never Forget’

Robert Pereno is a legendary club promoter, actor, all round entertainer and enigma. He has recently been the subject of the award winning documentary-film ‘The Promoter’ due for release in 2014.

‘Why do you think you can appeal to my sense of Humanity - when I don't possess any...’

Vidal Sancho is a Spanish born actor who has appeared in many films including: ‘Elizabeth: The Golden Age’ & ‘Children of Men’. His TV appearances include ‘Dalziel & Pascoe’, ‘My Family’ & ‘Hotel Babylon’.

‘The Authorities will come down very heavily on you if you take the Law in your own hands’

Richard Lawrence

'Anyone who hurts a child loses the right to live'

‘You got what you want. Where’s my money!’

Richard Lawrence is a well known West End Theatre performer having played the lead in ‘Dirty Dancing’ & appearing in: ‘Grease’, ‘Buddy Holly’, ‘Footloose’, ‘The Full Monty’, ‘Saturday Night Fever’ & many more. He was also a regular in TV’s ‘Hollyoaks’ playing Adrian Kennedy.

Robert Pereno

Cass Pennant is a producer, actor and writer. He’s appeared in some of the UK’s best known crime feature films ‘Killer Bitch’, ‘Green Street’, ‘Hell to Pay’ and ‘The Hooligan Factory’ plus ‘CASS’, a film made about his life-story.

He is the creator of ‘Casuals’ the award-winning documentary on the football subculture,TV broadcast in 2013. He is currently co-producing a thriller set among the clans and firms of South East London set for cinema release 2014.

‘There can never be forgiveness for such an evil act’

Michael Fenton Stevens

Michael Fenton Stevens is hugely experienced actor featuring in many TV Series including: ‘Mrs Biggs’, ‘Benidorm’, ‘My Family’, ‘My Hero’, ‘Coronation Street’, ‘Doctors’, ‘Mike Bassett-Manager’, ‘Footballer’s Wives’, ‘Eastenders’ & many more.

‘This is a job for the Police. We do not encourage Vigilantism in any way’

‘I am a High Court Judge!

I represent the Law of the Land’

Jess Conrad was a 1960’s Pop star. Voted England’s most popular singer he played everywhere from The London Palladium to touring with Rock ‘n’ roll greats Billy Fury, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent & many more. He has appeared in countless films including: ‘Telstar-The Movie’, ‘Absolute Beginners’, ‘The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle’ & most recently ‘Run For Your Wife’. Jess recently received the OBE for his charity work.

Susie Ann Watkins

Susie Ann Watkins is a well known actress & model who has appeared in Films & TV including ‘The Krays’, ‘Scandal’, ‘Above Suspicion’, ‘Brookside’, ‘Rude Health’ & many more.

‘Tell the bitch to fuck off!’

Lucinda Rhodes

Lucinda Rhodes is a well known TV and Film actress who's credits include ‘Harry and Cosh’, ‘Cavegirl’, ‘Dream Team’ and Bafta nominated ‘Kate Modern’. Recent films include ‘Dead Cert’, ‘Fall of the Essex Boys’, ‘Pericles’ & ‘Serial Kaller’.

‘The public want revenge and I want ratings’

Steve Wraith is a Geordie Actor who has featured in UK films such as ‘Killer Bitch’, ‘Interview With A Hitman’ and ‘In Our Name’. He has also appeared in BBC’s ‘55 Degrees North’ & ‘Byker Grove’. He runs Wraith Promotions, the UK’s Premier Event Company which is quickly becoming the North East’s top provider for sporting dinners featuring: Mike Tyson, Roy Jones Jnr & Ricky Hatton amongst others.

Vidal Sancho Leslie Grantham

Holly Gibbs is a child actor best known for her roles as Christianna in 'Nanny McPhee' &  Millie in the 'The Story of Tracy Beaker'

'Those bad men you talk about - they won't ever hurt me will they?'

Robin Kermode has appeared in numerous TV series as a regular including ' Never the Twain', Ffizz', 'French Fields', 'Men Behaving Badly' & 'Birds of a Feather'. He recently played John Major alongside Meryl Streep in the 'Iron Lady'.

'There is no place in a civilised society for this kind of jungle justice!’

Described by Photographer David Bailey as the ‘Face of the 80s’ Lysette Anthony is an Internationally known film star who has appeared in Woody Allen’s ‘Husband & Wives’, ‘Krull’, ‘Jack the Ripper’, ‘Without a Clue’, ‘Dead & Loving It’, ‘Dr Jekyll & Ms Hyde’ and ‘Look who’s Talking Now’ with John Travolta. She is also a very well known TV actress with numerous credits including 6 years in ‘Three Up Two Down’.

‘I would advise you not to disrespect an extremely high ranking Judge as opposed to the opinions of a hysterical woman’

Lucy Drive has been in many recent Brit Films including:

'Hard Shoulder' with Jamie Foreman, 'Outside Bet' with Bob Hoskins and the soon to be released 'He Who Dares'.

'My Dad raped me 4 times a week. He said he'd kill me if I told anyone'

Jess Conrad Yvette Rowland Lysette Anthony Robin Kermode Lucy Drive Danniella Westbrook

Philip Herbert is a very experienced actor appearing in everything from 'Star Wars Episode V1: Return of the Jedi' to 'Trial & Retribution'. He was Julian Clary's sidekick in the TV series 'Sticky Moments with Julian Clary'.

'I'm a Religious Man. I serve my Community, I take children on camping trips'

Jon Campling

‘I couldn’t help myself. I’m made that way. He was there...’

Jon Campling is a well known actor who has appeared in many films including playing the Deatheater in Harry Potter 7. Other films include: ‘Hard Shoulder’, ‘The Zombie King’, ‘Tax City’, ‘Sleeping Dogs’ & many more.

Mob Handed Cast jason Marriner Dave Courtney

Dave Courtney is an ex Gangster & one of the best known of London's Underworld figures. Now an actor and Producer he has appeared in films including: ‘Full English Breakfast’, ‘Killer Bitch’, ‘Hell to Pay’, ‘The Krays’ and many more.

‘The Police, the Politicians, the Law - they're all in it together’

Steve Wraith Cass Pennant

And Chris Ellison

Interviews with Robin Reid: